Deformations in the abdominal area due to reasons such as pregnancy, rapid weight gain and loss, and aging can be corrected with mini tummy tuck surgery. What kind of tummy tuck operation the patient needs is determined by examination. The mini tummy tuck is performed under general anaesthesia. Before the operation, the abdomen and waist area are shaped with liposuction. The removed fat can be injected into the hip area if needed. Afterwards, mini tummy tuck surgery is started with a mini-incision in the lower abdomen. The procedure, which takes an average of 1-2 hours, is terminated by closing the incisions with sutures.

What is a mini tummy tuck? Why is it needed?

The abdominal area may experience deformation for various reasons. The most important of these are birth, excessive weight gain, rapid weight loss, and weakness of the abdominal muscles. The abdomen expands, sags, and sometimes folds. If deformation and fat accumulation affect the lower abdomen, the patient is suitable for a mini tummy tuck. In this procedure, which is also called mini-abdominoplasty, excess fat in the abdomen and waist area is intervened. In addition, excess skin below the belly button is also removed. Unlike the full tummy tuck, the part above the belly button is not tightened in a mini tummy tuck.

What should be considered before mini abdominoplasty?

Patients who will undergo mini tummy tuck surgery should first stop the consumption of medicines and herbal teas with blood thinning effects at least 3 weeks in advance. In addition, alcohol consumption and smoking should be stopped during this period.

  • The patient should maintain the weight determined during the examination until the day of surgery.
  • Foods that may cause constipation should be avoided and foods that will relax the stomach should be consumed.
  • In addition, the patient should inform his/her doctor about the medications he/she uses.

How is a mini tummy tuck surgery performed?

The abdomen and waist areas are shaped with liposuction before the mini tummy tuck surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia. If needed, fat injections to the hip area can also be performed. The procedure starts with a small incision in the lower abdomen. The abdominal skin is lifted from the part up to the belly button and the excess skin tissue, if any, is removed below the belly button.  All the abdominal muscles are sutured and the belly button, which is moved down a few cm, is stitched to the abdominal wall. Mini tummy tuck surgery is completed within 1 to 2 hours if liposuction is not performed on a large area.

Recovery time after mini tummy tuck

  • The patient’s recovery process after the mini tummy tuck is as follows:
  • The patient can eat and walk after the first 4-5 hours while he/she is kept under observation in the hospital for 1 day after the operation.
  • After the operation, the patient wears an abdominal binder, and the drain is placed.
  • The patient can take a shower 24 hours after the drains are removed.
  • The patients can lie on their side the day after the operation.
  • Since the stitches are under the skin, there is no need to remove stitches later.
  • The patient can return to desk work after the first week.
  • Patients who do physical exercises can do brisk walks at the end of the 2nd week, and they can do indoor sports without stretching the abdominal muscles after the 3-4th weeks. At the end of the 6th week, they can return to their old physical exercise schedule.
  • The patient should follow a light diet for the first 2 months. Thanks to the broken-down fats, the body breaks down the food faster and the desired form is achieved better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Tummy Tuck

Is a mini tummy tuck surgery painful? Are there any risks?

Mini tummy tuck surgeries performed under general anaesthesia are not very painful procedures. The effect of local anaesthetics applied to the incisions and abdominal wall during the operation prevents the patient from feeling pain after the operation.

Wound healing problems may be seen in patients who smoke after mini abdominoplasty. In addition, problems such as scarring may occur in some skin types. If the scar is due to the tightly closed abdomen, a small revision procedure is performed to thin the scar 1 year after the mini tummy tuck surgery. Other than these, no complications are expected.

Are the results of mini tummy tuck surgery permanent? What should be done to maintain the results?

One of the issues that patients who want to have mini tummy tuck surgery wonder about is whether the result of the procedure is permanent. The results of the mini tummy tuck operation are permanent and effective. It largely solves the problems experienced in the abdominal area.

Patients should ensure weight control to maintain the results of mini tummy tuck surgery. They should eat a balanced diet and avoid rapid weight gain and loss. Visceral body fat should also be prevented, and alcohol consumption should be reduced. Moisturisers and body lotions should be preferred to prevent cracking of the stretched skin. Abdominal muscles should be exercised regularly, thus maintaining the taut appearance of the abdomen.

Does a mini tummy tuck prevent pregnancy? Can the procedure be performed while breastfeeding?

After mini tummy tuck surgery, the patient can become pregnant and it does not pose any obstacle. However, a new pregnancy may cause loosening of the abdominal wall and loose skin. Therefore, patients who are planning a pregnancy in the near future should share this with the doctor during the examination.

Patients who are breastfeeding and want to have mini tummy tuck surgery can have the procedure 3 to 6 months after the breastfeeding period has passed.

Who qualifies for a mini tummy tuck surgery?

People who cannot get rid of fat in the abdominal area despite diet or exercise, who are not overweight but have excess fat and skin laxity in the lower abdomen, and who do not have a disease that prevents surgery can have a mini tummy tuck operation.

Is it necessary to lose weight before mini tummy tuck surgery?

If the patient who will undergo mini-abdominoplasty surgery is obese, they should lose weight. Because being overweight poses a risk in this operation as in every operation. It also has negative effects on the patient’s recovery after the procedure. For this reason, weight should be lost with a good diet and physical exercises before the mini tummy tuck operation.

Mini tummy tuck surgery costs

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