Prof. Dr. Ersoy Konaş

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Facial Aesthetics

What are facial implants?

Bone structure determines the aesthetic appearance of the face. Prominent cheekbones, as well as a strong jawline give the face a more attractive appearance. Plastic surgeons use facial implants in cases where these structures are congenitally small, in losses of volume with age, or in asymmetry and deformities due to injuries. These implants are compatible with body tissues and are permanent. Plastic surgeons use these implants to eliminate aesthetic problems and imbalanced congenital facial features, or to correct deformities following injuries. Facial implants are used mainly for: Slanted, small and set back chins, unpronounced cheeks, and asymmetric or deformed facial features.

What is a bichectomy? How a bichectomy makes the face slimmer?

Bichectomy, also known as Hollywood cheek, is a method designed to narrow out the face with a minor surgical intervention. In this procedure, plastic surgeons remove excess fatty tissue through a small incision, providing a volumetric reduction. Thus, the face becomes thinner, facial contours become more emphasized.

What is face filling?

What is face filling?

Face fillers are applied by plastic surgeons or dermatologists for filling the pits, lines, wrinkles, and areas on the face that need their fullness to be restored with substances compatible with the skin. The laboratory-created form of hyaluronic acid, which is also found naturally in human skin, or the person’s own body fat can be used as filler. The permanence of filler, which is applied in very small amounts with an injector, varies between six months and two years, and regular repetitions of the application increase the permanence.