One of the procedures to aesthetically correct the facial contour is chin tip aesthetics. Chin tip aesthetics is performed if the chin being either advanced or receded compared to the rest of the face. The operation is performed under general or local anaesthesia. The tip of the jawbone is reached through scarless incisions made inside the mouth or under the chin. A pocket is created between the bone and soft tissues, where a prosthesis is placed, or the balance of the facial profile is achieved using fillers in that area. In the filling procedure, the patient can continue their daily life. After the prosthesis application, which lasts about an hour on average, the patient is discharged on the same day and returns to their daily life completely at the end of the first week.

What is chin tip aesthetics?

Chin tip aesthetics is a facial contouring procedure that is planned individually to address aesthetic issues such as the chin being receded or advanced compared to other parts of the face, i.e. too short or too long.

Why is chin tip aesthetics needed?

The chin tip is an important element that balances the facial profile and complements the appearance of the face, like the nasal tip. The chin tip shapes the lower part of the face by forming the transition point between the face and the neck and corrects the physical and visual defects caused by the chin being abnormally small or large.

The structure of the chin tip, which affects facial expression, has aesthetic significance and plays an important role in oral health.

Who is eligible for this procedure?

We can list the situations where the chin tip aesthetic operation can be applied as follows:

  • Patients with a normal bite and teeth alignment,
  • People who don’t have biting issues,

In people with regular teeth alignment where the upper and lower teeth do not adversely affect each other,

The development of facial and jaw bones is usually completed around the age of 18. Therefore, chin tip aesthetic surgeries should be performed after the age of 18.

Which methods are used for chin tip aesthetics?

Chin tip aesthetics are applied with various methods according to the existing jaw problems of the person. Two different methods are generally used: genioplasty and mentoplasty.


Genioplasty is a preferred method in cases where the chin tip is receded or smaller than normal. In this procedure, the area is reshaped by placing a prosthesis or injecting fat filling into the chin tip. The chin prosthesis can be inserted through incisions made either from inside the mouth or under the chin. In this way, the person gets a younger and more energetic appearance.


Mentoplasty is a chin tip aesthetic method applied in cases where the chin tip is long or advanced. The chin is reshaped by shaving and the facial contour is perfectly reconstructed.

Both methods are applied depending on the individual’s specific needs and chin structure. These aesthetic procedures allow the individual to achieve a more aesthetic appearance by improving facial symmetry and balance.

How is the operation performed?

This procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia. During the operation, Incision is made without leaving visible scars inside the mouth or under the chin. Through the incisions made inside the mouth, the tip of the jawbone is reached, and a pocket is created between the bone and soft tissues. The prosthesis is placed in this pocket and necessary arrangements are made.

Chin tip aesthetics is performed by properly cutting the jawbone, bringing it forward, and securing it in place again. Facial profile balance can also be achieved by using a suitable chin tip prosthesis without a bone incision. In cases where the chin tip is receded from the nose tip, a filler substance is applied with a needle to shape the chin tip as desired. The choice of filler substance is determined based on individual characteristics and evaluations.

The chin tip aesthetic surgery, which takes an average of one hour, is performed quickly and easily. Techniques that do not leave scars are used in the operation.

The chin tip aesthetic procedure applied with fillers is performed in a short time in a clinic setting and allows the patient to return to their daily life on the same day. No preparation is required for this procedure other than numbing the application area.

Pre- and Post-Operative Considerations

It is of great importance to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations in the preoperative period. The use of any current medications should be reported to the doctor who will perform the operation. In addition, it is essential to stop alcohol and tobacco use at least 2 weeks before surgery. In this way, the postoperative recovery process will be faster and healthier.

After the operation, bruising or swelling may be seen in the chin tip, which is normal. This is not a cause for concern and will pass over time.

Patients usually do not need to stay in the hospital after chin tip aesthetic surgery and are discharged on the same day.

It is important to pay attention to diet during the recovery process. Care should be taken to consume soft foods after surgery.

The recovery process may vary from person to person, but it generally takes about 1 week, and the patient returns to their daily life.

Frequently asked questions about chin tip aesthetics

Is chin tip surgery difficult?

Chin tip aesthetics is a simple and safe operation. This procedure is an easy method that provides a significant improvement and symmetry in facial aesthetics.

How long does it take for chin tip aesthetics to heal?

After chin tip aesthetics, patients usually do not require hospitalisation and are discharged after the surgery. It is important for the patient to pay attention to consuming soft foods until the recovery period is completed. The recovery period generally takes 1 week.

How is chin tip augmentation and reduction surgery performed?

Genioplasty (chin tip augmentation) is a preferred method for chin tip aesthetics in cases where the chin tip is receded or smaller than normal. In this procedure, the chin tip is reshaped using a chin prosthesis or fat filling.

Mentoplasty (chin tip reduction), on the other hand, is a chin tip aesthetic method used in cases where the chin tip is long or advanced. In this procedure, the chin is reshaped by shaving, and the facial contour is created properly.

What kind of appearance is obtained after chin tip aesthetics?

Aesthetic procedures to be performed on the chin tip provide the patient with a more aesthetic and healthy facial structure. It also plays an important role in oral health.

Does chin tip aesthetics cause pain?

Chin tip aesthetics is performed with a very safe surgery. Patients do not feel any pain or ache during the operation performed under local or general anaesthesia. Swelling and bruising that may occur after the surgery are entirely normal and will heal shortly.

Chin tip aesthetic costs

“Chin tip aesthetic costs”, “chin tip aesthetic costs 2023”, and “chin tip aesthetic costs Ankara” are among the most asked questions by patients planning to have this operation. Many factors such as the city you are in, the hospital, and the regions where the procedure will be performed affect the prices. You can get the necessary information from your plastic surgeon about chin tip aesthetic surgery costs. For more detailed information on this subject, please contact us by phone at (0536) 511 40 51 or  by e-mail at