Pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding are among the most important milestones in the life of a woman and cause many transformations in the body. Almost all expectant mothers experience cracks, weight gains and breast growth during pregnancy and breast sagging, breast emptying and sagging in the abdominal region after breastfeeding. Although gained weights can be lost after delivery, any remaining deformations can be annoying. Transformation in the abdomen and legs, breast sagging and vaginal deformations are among the most important factors for resorting to mommy makeover. A mother can restore her former appearance through various operations performed by plastic surgeons. Mommy makeover (torsoplasty) operations can be performed 6 months after delivery at earliest. However, the operation should be performed later if the mother continues breastfeeding after this period.

What is mommy makeover?

Aesthetic interventions to remove postpartum deformations are referred to as mommy makeover (Torsoplasty in medical terms). An increasing number of women have used mommy makeover to help restore their former appearance.

Leg or hip widening, breast growth or breast volume loss, abdomen sagging or arm sagging can be observed after delivery. Some of these problems can be eliminated through diet and exercise following delivery or breastfeeding; however, eliminating sagging or breast emptying is very difficult or impossible through diet and exercise. Mommy makeover substantially restores deformed areas and eliminates wears caused by pregnancy and delivery.

Who can have mommy makeover (torsoplasty)?

  • Women whose breasts are emptied due to delivery, breastfeeding and overweight.
  • Women who suffer breast sagging due to breastfeeding.
  • Women with loosening or cracks around the abdomen or muscles.
  • Women with extreme lipidosis in arms, hips and legs.

What should be done before mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover involves several operations and is conducted under general anesthesia. The following rules should be observed before the operation:

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should be halted 2 weeks before the operation.
  • Anticoagulant drugs and herbal teas should be discontinued 2 weeks in advance.
  • The doctor should be informed about any regular use of medication.
  • A diet that potentially increases constipation should be avoided before the operation, and fibrous foods should be preferred particularly in the last week. Food intake should be halted 6-8 hours before the operation.

How is mommy makeover performed?

The area and the operation to be performed (Breast enlargement-reduction or lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction or vaginoplasty) are determined before mommy makeover.

Breast enlargement removes any deflation or emptying in the area. Breast lifting is performed together with this operation. Breast reduction is performed if the patient has breast enlargement. Breast reduction aims to eliminate the resulting restrictions on the patient by an enlarged breast that puts pressure on the back and the waist. It is also performed on breasts with an asymmetrical or unbalanced appearance.

Breast lifting is performed to provide a more upright appearance to breasts that sag after pregnancy or delivery.

Abdominoplasty is the most performed operation among mommy makeover operations. This operation is used to eliminate any stitch scars and restore any sagged skin in women who had cesarean delivery.

As the name suggests, liposuction is an operation to remove fat. Excess fat tissues in arms, legs, hips, abdomen and waist are removed with liposuction and the areas are shaped.

Another operation is vaginoplasty. It is used to restore sagging labia after normal delivery. Inner labia are also reduced with this operation to contract the vagina.

Important points after mommy makeover

Patients can remain hospitalized for 1 to 3 days after mommy makeover depending on the operation. Patients may have mild pain after operations performed under general anesthesia. Patients who can stand on their feet on the first day are usually able to move after the 3rd day.

Patients’ return to normal life may vary depending on the operation. Patients feed with liquid food in the first three days and slowly transition to solid food later on.

The following points should also be taken into consideration after mommy makeover:

  • Heavy exercises should be avoided for around two months after mommy makeover and abdominoplasty.
  • 1 month should pass before light exercises. 2 weeks should pass before jogging.
  • The doctor may recommend a sports binder for up to 1 month depending on the operation.
  • Patients who undergo abdominoplasty should not strain themselves. Lying down in a ‘V’ shape is recommended in the first week. Leaning forward when walking will also be helpful for the patient.
  • The wound will be dressed for two weeks after breast and abdomen operations. The dresses will be performed in 2-3-day intervals.
  • It may be necessary to attach a drain to the patient in certain cases. The patient should not take a bath with the drains attached. The patient can take a shower 24 hours after the drains are removed.
  • Stitch removal is not required as the stitches are removed through dissolution.
  • Patients should avoid smoking for minimum 2 weeks after the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeover

What is mommy makeover?

Operations to eliminate body deformations that occur during and after delivery are referred to as ‘mommy makeover’. Breast, abdomen, leg, hip and vagina operations are used to restore the body. Mommy makeover includes operations such as breast reduction, breast lifting, abdominoplasty and liposuction.

When is it possible to have mommy makeover?

Women who need mommy makeover after delivery are required to wait up to 6 months before the operation. However, the operation should also be postponed after breastfeeding if breastfeeding continues at the end of the 6 months.

What are the advantages of mommy makeover?

Pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding lead to body deformations. Mommy makeover is performed to quickly eliminate these problems in a single operation. This operation eliminates abdomen sagging, breast enlargements, breast emptying and sagging, lipidosis in hips or legs and vaginal deformations. Patients save time and money as all the operations are performed in a single surgery.

Is it possible to get pregnant again after mommy makeover?

Women who have mommy makeover can get pregnant again. However, if pregnancy is planned, the mommy makeover operation should be postponed after delivery. And patients who already had an operation are recommended to get pregnant following 1 year after the operation.

Mommy makeover prices, torsoplasty prices

“Mommy makeover prices”, “mommy makeover prices 2022” and “mommy makeover prices Ankara” are among the most frequently asked questions by patients who plan to have this operation. The operation cost has many factors. These factors include the overall condition of the patient, the type and nature of the operation, the hospital of the operation, the know-how, skills and experience of the plastic surgeon. Your doctor can provide the most accurate information about the price of mommy makeover operations during your examination. Please feel free to contact us at (0536) 511 40 51 for detailed information about the prices and the operations.