Breasts often sag, that is, the ligaments that support your breasts get loose over time due to several factors including weight gain and loss, breastfeeding, and aging. “Is it possible to lift up breasts?” Many women, especially who gave birth and who lose weight frequently wonder if it is possible to lift their breasts, so it is one of the most frequently asked questions on aesthetic issues. Breast sagging can be corrected by a breast lift surgery, also known as “mastopexy”. These procedures are performed by plastic surgeons.

What is considered as a sagging breast?

Breast sagging will be diagnosed with an examination by your plastic surgeon. The nipple should be at 4-5 centimeters above the lower boundary (crease) of the breast. A shorter distance indicates sagging of the breast. Although the distance between the end of the breast tissue and the nipple gives a general information about sagging, the degree of sagging can be most accurately identified by your doctor.

How is a breast lift surgery performed?

A breast lift surgery is planned according to the degree of sagging. In the operation, the sagging excess tissue and skin are corrected and the breast is reshaped to give a new and uplifted shape. At the same time, the nipple is moved to where it should be. The operation, which takes about 2 hours, is performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, patients must stay overnight in the hospital. Unless a special event occurs, the patient will be discharged the next day.

There may be minimal pain after a breast lift surgery. In patients who have undergone a simultaneous augmentation procedure using a breast implant with breast lifting, arm movements may be restricted for a few days.

What should the patient pay attention to after the breast lift surgery?

A dressing is applied on the breasts after the surgery. The incision sites are checked two days later. The dressings are removed after 7 days and the stitches are removed after 7 – 10 days. Conditions such as swelling, bruising and numbness that may occur in the first days after the operation will disappear on their own in a while. The patient should to wear a sports bra for several weeks. Patients can return to work within 4 days after the breast lift surgery. Patients should avoid heavy workout or sports for the first 3 months.

Can breast lifting be applied alone?

A breast lift surgery can also be done alone. Usually, large breast size leads to a higher chance of sagging. In patients with large breasts, the lifting is performed after an appropriate amount of tissue is removed from the breast. Breast lifting process can also be performed in combination with breast reduction surgeries. In the case of small and droopy breasts, the breast volume is increased using implants, and it is moved up to where it should be.

Does the breast lift prevent breastfeeding?

If your breast lift was done alone without breast reduction, it does not have any adverse effect on breastfeeding. When a breast reduction is performed with the breast lift surgery, it may impair the ability to breastfeed, although rarely.

During the pregnancy, breasts grow bigger, as the whole body, and sagging occurs. When considering a breast lift, it will be better to plan the breast lift surgery at least 6 months after birth and 3 months after the end of breastfeeding for a long-lasting result. Your plastic surgeon can give you the most accurate information on all these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can breasts sag again after a breast lift?

If the patient gives birth again and experiences serious weight changes, the problem of sagging in the breast tissue may be observed again. It is expected that the patients considering the breast lift surgery are at an ideal body weight and have no intention for future pregnancy.

Is a breast lift a painful procedure?

After a breast lift surgery (Mastopexy), some pain may occur as in every surgical procedure, but it is kept under control with painkillers and does not affect the patient’s quality of life substantially.

Will there be any scars after a breast lift surgery?

After the breast lift surgery, a scar will remain as in other surgeries. The size of the scar varies according to the degree of sagging. The scars resulting from the breast lift are usually located around the nipple. In some cases, an incision of a few centimeters down from the areola can also be seen. The visibility of scars decreases over time and they become almost unnoticeable.

Non-surgical breast lift

Patients who feel that their breasts are sagging usually search for information on “sagging breast recovery exercises”, wonder that “is it possible to lift breast without surgery?”, and want to know that “is there any option for non-surgical breast lift”. The question “What should I do to raise my breasts?” is one of the most frequently asked questions on this subject. Exercises may help strengthen the muscles under the breasts to some extent. However, sagging that occurs over time cannot be prevented with exercise. Although various cosmetic products that are claimed to be good for breast sagging are also on the market, it is not possible for a topical product to provide a significant benefit in this regard. Breast sagging can only be corrected by surgery.

Mastopexy surgery price 2022, breast lift surgery prices 2022

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