One of the most important jaw deformities is enlargement of the masseter to the extent that it becomes visible from the outside and it results from compressing the jaw and grinding teeth. Masseter botox, also known as jaw botox is one of the methods used to eliminate this situation. Botox is applied on the compressed muscle for the jaw enlargement problem and a more oval and lean face structure is achieved with softer lines. A jaw Botox operation takes approximately 10 minutes. Local anesthesia or emla? Jaw botox is applied on the masseter muscle which is 8-mm deep. Rashes that occur after masseter botox disappear within a few hours and the patient returns to normal life on the same day. This operation causes no pain on the patient.

What is masseter botox?

The masseter muscle is one of the muscles in the jaw. The phenomenon known as masseter hypertrophy (masseter enlargement) occurs when the masseter muscle, which is the strongest chewing muscle located on the side of the jaw, grows to the extent that it becomes visible from the outside. This is mainly caused by compressing the jaw and grinding teeth. Frequent meat consumption and frequently chewing gums lead to enlargement of the masseter muscle. Masseter botox is the method used to treat people who suffer from this condition. Publicly known as jaw Botox, masseter botox is the operation for thinning out the lower half of the face where the masseter muscle is located.

Why is jaw botox performed?

Compressing the jaw, grinding teeth and frequently chewing gums may lead to enlargement in the jaw muscles. This could lead to non-aesthetic appearances. It can also lead to an over-masculine face in women. Patients who wish to change this appearance and eliminate head and jaw aches resulting from grinding teeth may use jaw Botox.

Considerations before jaw botox

Medications are the leading issue of concern before any jaw Botox. The doctor should be informed of the situation. Anticoagulant and herbal tea consumption should also be discontinued before the operation. The patient should also inform the doctor of any disorders.

How is masseter botox performed?

Masseter Botox is preceded by sterilization of the area of the masseter muscle. Various sterilizers are used for this process. Then special creams are applied on the area of operation for local anesthesia. Following anesthesia, the places to be injected with botulinum toxin are marked. Then Botox is applied on the masseter muscle which is 8-mm deep. The operation takes about 10 minutes. The patient easily returns to normal life after the operation.

What should patients pay attention to after a masseter botox?

  • Light rashes and swelling can occur at the points of injections after the operation. This is normal. They disappear within few hours.
  • The area can be relaxed by applying cold compress for 5 minutes every half an hour for the first few hours.
  • The patient should avoid spaces such as Turkish baths, saunas or steam baths for one week and should not be exposed to heat.
  • No massage or rubbing should be applied on the area in the first week. Otherwise, the Botox could have undesired effects on the other muscle groups.
  • One of the frequently asked questions is whether doing makeup is possible after the operation. The patient should avoid makeup for the first 24 hours.
  • Food that strains the jaw should also be avoided in the first few hours after the operation.
  • The effects of jaw Botox can be seen after 1 week.

What are the benefits of masseter botox?

The benefits of masseter Botox are as follows:

  • It is both safe and easily recovered as it is a non-surgical operation. Patients are discharged and return to normal life on the same day.
  • The rough appearance of the jaw is softened for a slimmer and more oval face.
  • Aches resulting from grinding teeth and compressing the jaw are eliminated as long as the operation remains effective.

Frequently asked questions about jaw botox

What does jaw botox provide?

Jaw Botox thins out the jaw structure for a more oval and slimmer face. The operation performed on jaw muscles reduce the size of the jaw muscles. A more emphasized and thinner jawline is thus achieved. It also eliminates jaw compression and teeth grinding problem.

Is jaw botox harmful?

Jaw Botox operations performed by a physician trained in performing such operations (a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist) have no risk. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with skin infections or active dental problems are not advised to have masseter Botox.

Another frequent question is whether masseter affects smiling. As in all plastic surgeries, jaw Botox operations by inexperienced people could lead to smile asymmetries. No loss is suffered regarding chewing reflex.

Masseter Botox with accurate dosing and timing is a safe operation.

Do patients have pain after jaw botox?

Jaw Botox is a very quick-healing plastic operation as it is a non-surgical operation. The anesthetic cream applied during the operation also prevents pain both during and after the operation.

How many sessions does jaw botox require? Can it be repeated?

Jaw Botox gives results in a single session. Masseter Botox shows its effects for 3 to 6 months. The patient’s physiological structure and lifestyle determines this period. Jaw Botox lasts longer after repeated operations.

How long does a masseter botox operation take?

A masseter Botox performed by a specialist physician is a painless operation. The operation is completed within 10 minutes and the patient can easily return to normal life.

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