An arm lift is an aesthetic operation performed by plastic surgeons to improve the appearance of the upper, lower and back parts of the arm, correcting sagging skin. In the operation, plastic surgeons remove excess skin and fat tissue between the armpit and elbow. Then, the skin is reshaped, giving it a better appearance.

For what purpose is arm lift surgery used?

The skin on the upper arm becomes droopy due to loss of elasticity with aging, gravity, familial predisposition, and frequent weight gain and loss. Sagging become quite evident after weight-loss surgeries. Although physical exercise and sports strengthen the muscles in the upper arm area, it is not so effective on saggy skin that has lost its elasticity. Therefore, exercise and work out cannot improve excessively sagging arm skin. Plastic surgeons recommend and apply arm lift surgeries in these cases. Arm lift surgeries aim to give a slimmer and tighter appearance, especially to the upper part of the arms.

What points should I pay attention to before the arm lift surgery?

Before an arm lift surgery, patients should definitely stop taking blood-thinners that may increase bleeding such as Coumadin or Aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal nutritional supplements, green tea, vitamins, and other supplements. When discontinuing drugs such as Aspirin and Coumadin, they should switch to alternative drugs under the supervision of their physician.

What points should I pay attention to after the arm lift surgery?

In arm lift surgery, plastic surgeons make an incision on the lower-back part of the arm. The length and shape of the incision is determined according to how much of the skin will be removed and varies from person to person. In arm lift surgeries, also fat removal techniques, such as liposuction, are often applied. The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia, however, patients may prefer local anesthesia and in some cases. The procedure takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on patient conditions.

How is the recovery process after the arm lift surgery?

Caregivers wrap the arms with bandages and insert drains to minimize the edema that will occur after the surgery. The bandage and drains will be removed within the first two days following the surgery. After the procedure, a corset-like bandage may be applied, which is worn like armlets, in order to better shape the arm and reduce edema. Patients are required to wear these regularly for a few weeks after surgery. Healing process after the operation is not painful. Some patients still may experience a mild pain. In this case, patients can use pain relievers recommended by their doctors.

Patients can return to their daily activities within a few days after an arm lift surgery. However, they should pay attention to the followings:

  • Not raising the arms above shoulder level for 3-4 weeks
  • Avoiding physical activities that may cause stretching of the sutures for 4-8 weeks.
  • Do not rush back to workout


What are the possible negative effects of an arm lift surgery?

Potential adverse results that patients may encounter in arm lift surgeries are as follows:

Scars: After an arm lift surgery, a permanent scar is formed at the incision site. However, this scar is located on the back of the arm, hence not seen immediately. The scars are first red in color and may be raised. However, its color will fade over time. Along with medical treatments, patients may take measures to help improve the appearance of the scars over time (such as protecting the area from the sun).

Loss of sensation: Displacement of tissues during surgery can affect nerves in the arm. Therefore, patients may experience a temporary loss of sensation and numbness.

Problems with stitches: As in any surgery with stitches, there is a risk of infection of the stitches after the surgery. Therefore, patients should pay attention to the cleanliness of the seams and strictly follow their doctor’s instructions.

Who should not have an arm lift surgery? 
An arm lift surgery may not be suitable for people who: 

  • are obese or overweight
  • gain and lose weight frequently
  • diagnosed with a disease that adversely affects wound healing
  • smoke

Is it possible to have a non-surgical arm lift?

Today, many methods for regional slimming are used in various clinics and beauty centers, including those specific to the arms. However, none of them can be as effective as surgery and improve heavily sagging arms.

Arm lift price 2022, arm lift prices

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